• Easy enough for a child to use, yet powerful enough for astronomy buffs, even professionals!
  • Finds solar eclipses in an instant!
  • Finds thousands of solar eclipses!
  • Lets you "step" through future and previous solar eclipses instantly and effortlessly!
  • Shows multiple dazzling, informative views of all of these eclipses!
  • Shows where on Earth an eclipse is at maximum and shows it unfold from that location!
  • Lets you "zoom" maximum views so you can accurately time durations of eclipses with Celestia's clock!
  • Lets you look out from Earth with your choice of three sky orientations:
    1. Celestial North "up" on your screen
    2. Ecliptic North "up" on your screen
    3. Horizon "level" across your screen
  • Will find eclipse after eclipse automatically if you wish!  Sit back and watch them all day!
  • Reveals the lunar orbit's nearest node during any eclipse!
  • Includes a detailed "Information Page" for each eclipse!
  • Includes pages of "onboard" notes that you can consult at any time!
  • Lets you speed up or slow down how fast you view eclipses!  Even watch them in Real Time right along with the real deal!
  • Shows how the Moon's distance determines if a central eclipse will be Total or Annular!
  • Shows the Moon's shadow path on Earth!
  • Shows Moon's path as seen from direction of the Sun!
  • Shows Earth's realistic normal textures or a Map on Earth!
  • Automatically adjusts all views as needed if you resize Celestia's window.
  • Includes the Solar Eclipse Finder manual (as a "pdf" file).
  • Note:  Solar Eclipse Finder is available only for CELESTIA versions 1.41, 1.60 or 1.61 running under Windows.
  • Check out our  Sky-Gifts  page to see how you can obtain this awesome CELES-TOOL.

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