Note: the Comet ISON feature below takes a few moments to load.


Click in the feature window above to stop the Demo.  Then start navigating into the Inner Solar System by "rolling" your Mouse Wheel and Left Dragging.  At the upper left of the feature window are options for viewing Comet ISON and its historic sweep around the Sun.  Pointing to a planet identifies it, and you can click on various milestones in ISON's journey.  Note the yellow portion of ISON's orbit, where it should be visible to the naked eye.

This is a great tool for visualizing ISON's visit to the Inner Solar System.  If you also want to venture to the Outer Solar System, to major moons of the planets, and even beyond our Solar system—to other stars, to clusters, to galaxies and more—you'll probably want to download the free astro-simware  CELESTIA.  You can learn all about it on our  Intro  page.

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