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W A R N I N G !   It is never safe to look directly at the real Sun with the naked eye!  Moreover, looking at it through a telescope or binoculars without adequate safeguards—even for an instant—can cause permanent blindness!  NEVER DO IT!  To learn how to safely "observe" the real Sun, consult the professionals at your local planetarium or observatory.


Click in the feature window above to stop the Demo.  Then, at upper left and below the clock and calendar, click on the map to set an approximate location, or set your Latitude and Longitude with higher precision after hovering over the tiny globe to the map's immediate right.  Below the map you can control whether to show the Sun, the Moon and their respective paths.Left Drag to change your perspective of the Sun's and the Moon's positions relative to your horizon at the time and date displayed at upper left.  The Sun's rise and set times are displayed at their respective locations on the horizon.  Hovering over the Sun or the Moon displays its azimuth and altitude, and, when you Left Drag either the Sun or the Moon, both will move accordingly.  The time is likewise updated to show when they occupy these new positions so, if you drag to Moon to the horizon, you can visually determine its rise and set times with good accuracy.

The controls at the upper left of the feature window also let you easily reset the current time, set any other time and date, and make time flow forward to see the changing positions of the Sun and Moon.  You can also Left Drag the hands of the clock to move time forward and backward.  Next to the clock you can see the current Moon phase, and you can drag the red arrow to find when different phases will occur.

At the upper right of the feature window, you can change whether music plays and see the current season.  You can also instantly change the time to either equinox or either solstice and drag the red arrow to change the time of year.

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